Portugal Webisode

Webisode from Portugal at Wheelers MTB Holidays


The 2016 recap

The 2016 recap


Megavalanche quali carnage

My crazy qualifying run from Megavalanche 2017


Travel compilation

This is truly what I wanna do


Raw Railing – Frederik Leth, Sebastian Jensen and Paul Oppel

Little video from a mint day! Hucking, trying to bardrag and just having a good time



Bikes, Beers and no Medals

I had my mate Mads Bo visiting me for three weeks in my caravan. We got around to a lot of parks to ride, have fun and drink some beers.Pretty much the perfect recipe for a good time.


Air and Alps

Getting air in the alps on my Giant Glory. Another self filmer.



Tails from the Tours: One

Tails from the Tours is my new kind of "webseries". I gather all my clips from both n and off the bike in one episode each month.
This together with my blogs gives a good insight into my privateer life in the caravan.

A cliche edit from Winterberg

Spend some time in Winterberg filming this edit and trying to have the most fun in the bikepark. Trying to go for the cliche edit with slow mo and all that. Edited and ridden by Frederik Leth.

Moesgaard Museum(MoMu) By Jeppe Svendsen

Me and Jeppe went out to the local forrest an early Saturday morning. Rode down the Museum and then onto the woods.

momu from on Vimeo.

My 2014 – Frederik Leth and friends

Here is a recap of my 2014. You can also call it a demo reel. I filmed most of it and rode a bit, and then edited.
Had such a fun time editing this film, and 2014 was definitely one of the best so far. Had so much fun racing and riding my all my bikes.

Rold Raw selffilmer

Her is a selffilmer from Rold forest in Denmark. Filmed in 4k and the zoomed and panned in post. Ripping my lovely Giant Glory.

In the woods with Frederik Leth By Jeppe Svendsen

Jeppe Svendsen and me went to the woods to do a winter cross country video. Filmed on my local xc/all-mountain trails. Super stoked on the final result. all shot and edited by Jeppe Svendsen.

Pila To Meribel

My self filmed, edited and ridden video from my trip From Pila to Meribel.

Downhill Denmark

Jeppe Svendsen did a awesome documentary on the danish downhill scene in 2013. The movie won "Best Danish Action Sports Movie" at Danihs Adventure Film Festival. I was lucky to get a segment in the film at 8.35. But watch the whole movie and follow Nina Mezcua-Jensen, Lasse Winther, Mathias Lyskbaek and me.

I love riding trails

My self filmed, edited and ridden video from my local spot, Aarhus Dirtjump Park

A chill ride in Winterberg

After the IXS Dirt Masters Festival, we had a fun day in the Bikepark of Winterberg. Jeppe Bob hurt his hand so he did the magic with the camera and it ended up in this video. I have been coming in Winterberg for a couple of years to ride downhill and basically just chill, and I enjoy it every time. Edited by Frederik Leth

Val Di Sole

I got a concussion at the race in Val Di Sole, so I took a chill day filming Jeppe Bob Bertelsen and Sebastian Jensen on the awesome trails on Val Di Sole.


Serfaus Fiss Ladis

On my last trip this year, we made a swing by Serfaus Fiss Ladis, a relatively new bikepark in Austria, which definitely is worth a visit. I filmed some film with Sebastian and threw in together in a small raw edit. The bikepark in Serfaus Fiss Ladis has some good and fun tracks.

Downhill in Vejle

Found some left over footage that me and Jeppe Bob Bertelsen filmed in the spring in Vejle. Vejle is one of the places in Denmark where you may actually need you downhill bike. It is quite rough and it is nice to be on the downhill bike instead of the all mountain bike.

Not Enduro

A quick edit from the start of the year filmed by Jeppe Bob Bertelsen. As Denmark is pretty flat, is means that you can ride most of the stuff on your enduro/all mountain bike. Therefore I spend a lot of time on my 140mm 650b bike.