I am now sitting in my caravan. I am sitting here after Eurobike and after an allright day of riding. Not the best one, but it was pretty nice. My good friend Mads is sitting in my end of the caravan, actually kind of on my end, trying to snatch some of the WiFi from the nearby Hotel. He is doing all sorts of weird things to get a better connection and trying to find out where the signal is. It is actually quite annoying, but at the same time it is really entertaining.
Tomorrow in a new day, but not a new thing. Because I am, thank god, going to ride my bike again.
I don’t know what I want to write about, but I just really wanted to. All because I just read this really amazing blog written by a girl I met on Eurobike.
I am not a big reader myself. I can’t remember last time I read a book of my own free will. I read some blogs and articles, but to be honest it is quite hard to get my attention. Only a few writers seem to catch my attention, and mostly it is not even the writer but more the topic that gets my attention. Do you know those writers that can just get your attention no matter what they are writing? I know a few, and it seems like those are the people who also think the most over all the little things in life. Instead of just letting moments go by unseen these people actually take a picture of the moment, a picture that they can then repaint with words. It is amazing how much we use words and sentences, but how few of us who really master them.
It is even more amazing to think about how much words are used bad, think about how much bullshit gets talked on a day. So many valuable words that are just used for no real reason. A lot of people talk just because they can and then there is others who just talk about the necessary and leaves everything else silent.
Now Mads stole my WiFi. Not that I used it, but he still stole it. As you can read I am one of the people who talk a lot, like really a lot and mostly about bikes or something related to them.

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