Caravan Life

In August this year I decided to buy caravan. I wanted to save some money and have it easier while traveling around to so many different places to ride bikes.

It has been something I have thought about in a long long time. Sometimes when I have time to really relax(I have that like all the time), I sit down and look for caravans, motorhomes and busses. It would be so rad to have a motorhome to live in for the season. But motorhomes are freakin’ expensive so I got the next best thing, a caravan.

I found this bad boy for around 1100 Euros which was quite a catch. It has beds/couch in both ends, a small kitchen in the middle and bathroom with shower. Everything you really need for a simple living.

Frederik Leth caravan downhill


I bought the caravan one week before going on a 3 week trip to Pila and Meribel. I was quite an impulse buy actually. I had never ever driven a car with a trailer so getting a caravan on for the first time was quite a change, but actually not that bad. Some might say it was a bit hasty, but I was all good for me, I always like something new and out of my comfort zone.

Living in a Caravan for the racing season is actually pretty ideal. You don’t need to book apartments or anything. You can live a lot more free as you can just drive were ever you want. In Pila I payed to stay in the race area and get some electricity so the caravan worked properly.

I had tested if the electricity in the van worked from home, but I had not checked if the shower worked, and it did not. But after a some time with a screw driver and my lacking skills in electricity and whatever, I got the water pump to work. I still had to heat my water in the pot, but that was fine. As I am pretty tall(195cm), I made good use of the small rooftop windows, as they were my stand up points inside the caravan.

In Pila I had electricity which was super nice, but I still missed my WiFi to keep updated. I ended up going into a hotel and just asked the first guest for the WiFi code and then sat down to get my daily dose of Instagram, Facebook and Pinkbike.

In Meribel I spend a fair amount of time trying to get a space in the race area to get some electricity, but no luck. So I ended up staying in a parking lot outside some houses.

Caravan Meribel Frederik Leth dwonhill

Living in the parking lot

I guess they are pretty relaxed with that kind of stuff in France, because I lived there for a whole week without anyone saying anything. Before I took of from Denmark I had not though about the lack of electricity I would face.

Luckily I had some small battery driven light to use in the night and the hob and fridge was gas driven. So I spend the next week during the World Cup getting my laptop and phone charged everywhere I could as well as taking showers in a fountain. Luckily I had my laptop and my FRIENDS box to entertain me in the evening until it was out of battery. Luckily there was WiFi in the center of the city so I could go up there and check up on things while shopping groceries. The electricity was a bit of challenge some times because I had to kill the time for more than an hour while my laptop charged. I went to different bars, bought a drink and then took out my extension cord and plugged in both phone, laptop and camera. One day I snug into a hotel launch to charge my things, the receptionist came by a couple of times, but she did not say anything.



Frederik Leth caravan downhill

The view from my bed


Fortunately it was lot warmer in Meribel than it was in Pila. I Pila, as it was pretty high altitude, it was freezing in the mornings. Meribel was cold too, not as cold at all.

On the way home I took a couple of days at Eurobike to talk to all the good people in the mountainbike industry. I ended up spending the first night at a parking lot at a supermarket. They weren’t too happy about me and I ended up getting kicked away at 6.A.M. I then went searching for another spot suitable for my purpose. I ended up finding a sweet little parking lot in a house district just 5 minutes walk away from the fair, which was pretty ideal.

Billede 24 08 14 12.38.361 300x225 - Caravan Life

The caravan life is actually pretty sweet and I hope I can get a motorhome for next year to cruise around in.

Here is the edit that I managed to get together from the trip.




Team rumours 2015

A new season is approaching and so is the new teams. A lot of people in downhill, including me, are dying to know who is with who. I have done a little write up on what I have read about the rumours.

Luckily the game got a bit more fun this year as Team Rumours is back! Although they only came up with one picture this year, it had a ton of info.

Downhill World cup team rumors 2015

So if this is true, we can see a lot of new teams next year. Sunn seems to be back in the game. They recently released this concept bike for the world to see.

Also it seems like YT and KTM will be on the world cup circuit with a team. As far as the rumours, I have heard Norco is expanding their team, still just a rumors though.

It is a no brainer to say that the broken chain is Mulally. The beer could be Nick Beer. The needles is probably Needles. The British heart would be Hart. The little kiwi bird could be Blenki, as we know he is going to a new team. The Horse is rumored to be Cam Cole and the Kangaroo could be Troy Brosnan. Troy is rumored to move along from Specialized. The Rambo could be Sam Dale.

What we know for sure

Giant has already released their 2015 team. In the press release we can read that the team is saying goodbye to the big names of Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling. The team will consist of Marcelo Gutierrez and Alex Marin along with a new up-and-coming rider. The full team along with sponsors and partners will be announced in January.

Hutchinson United Ride has just signed young ripper Remy Morton, as you can read on pinkbike here.

Lapierre Gravity Republic recently signed the young Whip Off World Champ Finn Iles. He is only 15 years old, but it seems like he signed with the team for three years. Leaving the team is Sam Blenkinsop and Emmeline Ragot. Remaining is the two frenchmen Loic Bruni and Loris Vergier. The full press release is on Pinkbike here.

As you can read here, the Syndicate is off limits. Greg Minaar and Josh Bryceland has signed until the end of 2015 while Steve Peat is on the team until 2018.


PinkBike posted a picture on their Instagram of a new rider signing for Scott. Some are pretty sure it is Needles as he is pretty close friends with Brendog.

If you follow the rumor threat on VitalMtb you might have read that Danny Hart is rumoured to ride for Mondraker. A lot of people also say that Blenki is going to Norco.

Rumors also tell that Mulally is off Trek World Racing, but were he is going is another case. It would be a easy one if he transferred to SRAM/TLD. Already rides a lot with the Shaw brothers.


I should be said that I am not an industry insider, I am just really really curious and follow the topic tightly.


Frederik Leth