So I thought I would just catch up a bit on my latest trips to Pila, Meribel and a bit of chilling at home

As soon as I came home from my roadtrip in July I went to my local dirt jump spot, Aarhus DirtJump Park for Dk Dirt Camp, Denmarks biggest dj event. I always look forward to come back to that place. I have been one of the guys building out there since days one, and I truly love that place.
After Dk Dirt Camp I took some time out there and did this little self filmer.

After the dirt camp I had a couple of weeks at home just to relax and work a bit. The Danish weather wa really kind and gave us top notch summer weather, so a lot of the time was spent riding dirt jumps and having mad sessions on the trails you just saw in the video. I also got to ride my bmx a bit.
I decided to buy a caravan to be a bit more free at the races, and be able to save some money. This bad boy is going to a lot of races next year!

Frederik Leth with his Caravan. Ready for Meribel and Pila
My sweet ass Caravan

Shortly after that we had the third race of the Danish Downhill Cup in Ry. Ry is probably one of the best tracks in Denmark. It is steep, muddy and has quite a lot of roots. I ended up in third, which is not that bad.

Three days after I went to Pila and Meribel, to ride the European and World Cup. Both tracks was super fun but I somehow managed to do really shit there. Crashed at the top of the track in Pila, so I just chilled all the way down and ended up really bad. In Meribel I was too cautious and rode way too safe.
Even though I did not get the results I wanted I managed to get some filming in. After the races I went to Eurobike to Chill around a couple of days before heading home to ride the last race of the Danish Cup, Rold.
Here is the filming I got done in Pila and Meribel.

I is always fun to race in Rold. The track is the best known track in Denmark and has a lot of jumps on it. Even though I would have a big advantage racing on my enduro bike, I decided to take my dh to stay real. It is a downhill cup after all.

The track was a bit wet and after a lot of rain on sunday the track was sooo much fun. I had a awesome time throwing tow a lot of runs on the muddy track. That is what it is all about, having fun.
I ended up 2nd on the day and 2nd overall. Pretty happy with that.

Cheers for this time. More coming soon.

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