This is the video from Enduro 2 in Davos day 2. Day 2 was like day 1, pretty amazing. Placing in the top 10 the first day resulted in a pretty early start on Saturday. And after two lift rides up we were met by the most amazing view of snow-covered mountaintops right after the sun had gotten up. As you can hear in the video I couldn’t get enough of the view.

Billede 23-09-2017 07.59.42
Ridgeline on the way to Stage 1

A small transfer on a snow-covered ridgeline lead us down to the start of Stage 1. It had to start a bit further down because of the snow. Team Denmark ended up being the first ones down the trail even though we offered Nick Beer and his teammate to go first. Stage 1 was a pretty cool singletrail out in the open with loads of tight corners where I and Bob found pretty different techniques to ride it well. Bob did a smooth endo in most of them whereas I just clipped out and slid around, while maybe not the best it worked out fine and I got a bit of drift on, so to speak.

The big one of the day was the transfer to Stage 2. After finishing Stage 1 it was still only 8.30 and we got over to the funicular in the other end of the valley to get all the way to the top. The transfer on the across the snow-covered mountaintops were supposed to take 1.5 hours but because of the serious snow and need of a lot of hiking, it took more like 2.5 hours. Due to this, they decided to cancel stage 5 of the day, which turned out pretty lucky for Bob and me.
The transfer was absolutely amazing and well again, the snow-covered mountaintops really just made it feel like an adventure.


enduro, enduro2, davos, fred leth, bobogleth, leth, enduromtb,
Hike to Stage 2

Stage 2 was a super cool trail with a bit of mud and some super tacky dirt. With lots of open terrain it was a hard one to figure out where you were allowed to cut the course, so we pretty much just stuck to the main trail the whole way down. Stage 3 was the pedally stage of the day with a 2 minute uphill in the middle of the stage it for sure made your legs burn.

enduro, enduro2, davos, fred leth, bobogleth, leth, enduromtb,
The steed and the view

Stage 4, last stage of the day and longest stage of the weekend. Techy flat rock up top that you really had to power through and then just before it began to go real downhill, I smashed my rear mech on a rock. From there on it was a pumping mission and after the flat part was done it was so much fun. The trail flowed really well and you could carry a lot of speed through some of the more open sections.

I the end of the day the time we lost on Stage 4 because of the smashed rear mech ended up costing us 4 places in the end if Sunday. Kind of a bummer to know that a mechanical put us so far back, but that stuff happens.

enduro2, Davos
Can you spot the riders?




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