Living a passion can be hard, but at the same time you feel so blessed that you have found your thing and that is the thing you want to do with your life. My thing is Mountainbiking.

I can’t tell you how many parties I have missed, because I wanted to go early to bed and ride my bike the next day instead. I have simply lost count. That is how it is to live passion. It’s not because I don’t like parties, I just like riding my bike way more.

In life you have the freedom to make your own choices, you basically have the freedom to do whatever you want. For me it’s biking. It’s pretty simple and yet so complex. I have asked myself a ton of times, “Why do I like riding my bike?”. Is it the feeling, the bike friends, the community, the ride?. I have not come any closer to define what I like the most about it, but I can conclude that I absolutely love it, because everything I do, is centered about getting out on my bike.

I work to get money so I can travel around and ride my bike. I go to the gym to get fit, so I can ride my bike faster and stay injury free. I spend hours and hours online looking at camera reviews, just to find the right one, so I can go film myself and my friends, riding our bikes. And when I went to school I would be so efficient when doing homework, because then I could ride my bike when I was done, allright, maybe I wasn’t always all done before I went riding. But fact is that I do all those things, to get out and ride.

It can also kind of get obsessive sometimes. If the sun shines I need to go ride my bike. I simply can’t be inside. Even though I am tired from the ride yesterday, I just need to ride again. Otherwise I just have such a bad feeling all day. Sometimes though I am really tired and kind of force myself to stay inside and relax for the day, just to recover well. I works well half of the day, and after that I am completely restless. I simply can’t stay inside for a whole day, it’s near impossible.

It’s funny how people some time through their life just find their thing. One day you don’t have anything to do because you don’t have a passion or a hobby. Then some day you try a thing out, and kind of just decide that it is your thing. Or maybe it comes just a bit by bit. I don’t remember, I just know that I am hooked now and will be forever.

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